Systems Of The Forgotten Land

11 Feb

As many of you know i’m a big gamer.

I decided to take great long forgotten hardware and start re-painting to give them a breath of new life.

I call it Systems Of The Forgotten Land or “SOFL” for short.

This idea came about after doing a xmas presents for two great friends of mine, in which I took some old gameboys and gave them a new look.

I think re-painting/modifying would be great to add to someone’s collection, rather then throwing it out and it ending up in some land fill.

The first system I’ve done is a Playstation 1

It is fully functional and works better then ever!Everything is taken apart cleaned then hand painted.This will come with all the hook ups but does not come with any games.

The next platform I’ll be doing are gameboys.

If you would like your own custom system just shoot me an email of what system and colours you would like and I’m more then happy to put something together!

The custom Playstion 1 is on sale now in my shop.

Shop now Live!

10 Feb

The shop is now up and full of great goodies for everyone!

I have a new custom of an Oh-no. I call it Honey-no.

I also have few original pieces of art for sale and if  you couldn’t get your hands on my resin toy ”Mr.Abra” at Toronto Fan Expo then this is your chance to grab a Blank!

Many people still asking for prints and good news, this week ill be getting that done for everyone!

My shop can be found here!

New blog look, new life, and crappy 2009!

19 Jan

Most of you must be saying wow new blog look! great! This change is due to my server being wiped out. I lost everything… no backups!I know! What was I thinking! I had to start from scratch. To be honest I’m kinda glad, I’m super happy with me new look.

Now for 2009 what a year, probably was one of the crappiest years I’ve had. Some great ups but lots of shitty downs.

One my big problems was due to the job I had. The job was super stressful for me, to the point were I started getting super sick. So I decided it was time for me move on to a new chapter in my life.

Once thing I’ve been neglecting is my art. Not sure why, but that’s going to change I decided to pour 200% into my art and build on skill set.

I’ll be taking some classes to work on some my weak points like English. English you ask? Well not many people know that I have a Writing disability. My goal is to try to fix as much of it as I can. And in terms of jobs? Yes I’ll still be on the hunt for a job, but until then my plan is to work on my self as much as i can.

Good bye 2009 and hello 2010!

Bento + Bowme = Lady cream makes you scream

10 Jan

This was the result of me and Bowme last Friday collaboration!
It was something truly magical.

bento + Bowme = ?

7 Jan

Me and my great friend Bowme will be doing an art collaboration tonight!
For more info check out my twitter for more details.